YOU NAME IT, WE PLAY IT! VOL II - Subway Jazz Orchestra

Here's a little impression of our 'YOU NAME IT, WE PLAY IT! VOL II' concert with the Subway Jazz Orchestra from last April. At the beginning of this year we asked the audience to tell us their favorite tunes. Eight fantastic composers from Cologne picked one tune each and arranged it for the band. In the video you hear Martin Gasser's version of the Björk title 'Black Lake' (with a long tenor solo of mine in the middle :-)


The Subway Jazz Orchestra finally got its own Youtube channel. It was about time since recently a lot of great videos from the band have been added. Some of my arrangements can be found, too. Here are the latest three: No. 1 is my original composition "Snakes Don't Walk" (released on 'Primal Scream') from a fantastic concert at the 'Jazzschmiede' in Düsseldorf. The Hendrix composition 'Freedom' (No. 2) is from the same gig. And the last clip is from our March concert at 'Club Subway', my arrangement of the composition 'Trio#20' by the great keyboarder Christian Lorenzen.


European Composers Scholarship (GEMA)

This week I had the opportunity to participate in a great workshop by trombonist and composer Nils Wogram at the GEMA headquarters in Munich. The workshop was part of the EMAS-series conducted by the german GEMA. We had a great time discussing all kinds of music related topics and also got an inside view of the amazing work the GEMA is doing for us.

EMAS Workshop 2015.jpg

Subway Jazz Orchestra

The new SJO concert season starts next month (Sept 9th). Great artist have been invited to play their music with us. We will start with Hendrika Entzian and Monika Roscher in September and October followed by Jan Schreiner and David Grottschreiber (Nov & Dez). You should check our new homepage for updates and more info:

Bundes Big Band Archiv

From now on some of my Big Band Arrangements can be purchased through the "Bundes-Big-Band-Archiv" which has been installed by the German "Musikrat". Goal of the archive is to achieve a greater distribution of modern German Big Band music. But not only difficult compositions also easy or intermediate tunes for amateur bands or groups with an irregular line-up can be found there.