YOU NAME IT, WE PLAY IT! VOL II - Subway Jazz Orchestra

Here's a little impression of our 'YOU NAME IT, WE PLAY IT! VOL II' concert with the Subway Jazz Orchestra from last April. At the beginning of this year we asked the audience to tell us their favorite tunes. Eight fantastic composers from Cologne picked one tune each and arranged it for the band. In the video you hear Martin Gasser's version of the Björk title 'Black Lake' (with a long tenor solo of mine in the middle :-)


New CD out now by the REZA ASKARI TRIO - ROAR (klaeng records). Great music and beautiful artwork, feat. Reza Askari on bass, Fabian Arends on drums, Sebastian Müller on guitar and myself on tenor, soprano and clarinet. Get your copy HERE.


The Subway Jazz Orchestra finally got its own Youtube channel. It was about time since recently a lot of great videos from the band have been added. Some of my arrangements can be found, too. Here are the latest three: No. 1 is my original composition "Snakes Don't Walk" (released on 'Primal Scream') from a fantastic concert at the 'Jazzschmiede' in Düsseldorf. The Hendrix composition 'Freedom' (No. 2) is from the same gig. And the last clip is from our March concert at 'Club Subway', my arrangement of the composition 'Trio#20' by the great keyboarder Christian Lorenzen.


Shannon Barnett Quartet - AUSTRALIA Tour

Right after two weeks in China with the WDR Big Band I played eight wonderful concerts in Australia with the Shannon Barnett Quartet. We traveled to Melbourne, Wangaratta, Adelaide, Brisbane, Wollongong and Sydney and had an amazing time on and also off the stage. Thanks to Shannon and also to the 'Goethe Institute' and the 'Australian Council of the Arts' for making this happen.

WDR Big Band - state of the art - CHINA Tour feat. Vince Mendoza

The WDR Big Band China tour was absolutely amazing. We played in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Zongshan, met wonderful people and enjoyed Chinese culture and food in various ways. Truly a great experience. Maybe you can get a glimpse by watching the beautiful trailer Mattis Cederberg put together.

Line Up by Lennie Tristano - Solo Transcription

Over the last months I have been working on a famous solo by Lennie Tristano. The tune is called "Line Up" and is based on the chord progression of the Jazz standard "All of Me". Most notably, the recording is originally overdubbed on a bass and drums track, but also allegedly recorded at half speed an octave below and then sped up for the final recording. The timbre of the piano and the abundance of micro-accents within lines at the speed of the recording are obvious traces of this process.

I found it to be a compelling task to record the solo in the original tempo on tenor sax. It forced me e.g. to use circular breathing within the lines and to find alternate fingering combinations for difficult parts. I decided to retain the result of this eternal practice process in a video. Here it is: